Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happenings in Hardwick and at Claire's

From Kristina

The golden Tamaracks are holding out as our last bit of color in the landscape. Snow is in the forecast! Hear that skiers? Soon. I spread three loads of beautiful gravel on my deteriorating driveway yesterday with the help of a friend and his awesome dump truck. I felt like a little kid watching it work. Very cool. Also got more wood delivered. Will keep you all posted on stacking progress - because it is so riveting - though I may just cover it with plastic for next year.

Music Notes: Thursday, Jay Ekis will perform his eclectic blend of folk, rock and world music at Claire's. Music begins at 7:30. You can check Jay's music out at http://www.ekismusic.com/.

Cooking on Main Street: Steven's pumpkin crême brulée is still wowing diners, with the great pumpkins from Riverside Farm, Butterworks Farm's rich cream, and the most delicate eggs from Windhorse Farm. Finish the flavors with a hit of smokey maple syrup from Caledonia Farm. Crispy, creamy pumpkinny local deliciousness!

Book Notes: TONIGHT is Mad Farmer Poetry night at Claire's. Co-sponsored by The Galaxy Bookshop, this event will bring our local farmers together to read from the work of one of the great farmer poets of our time, Wendell Berry. Farmers will begin reading from Mad Farmer Poems at 7 PM, so make your reservations for dinner or just come on down to read or listen. We're planning on having a blast.

Holiday Plans: We want everyone to know that Claire's is available for booking holiday gatherings. So give us a call and we'd love to talk about how we can be part of your holiday celebrations. We will be closed Thanksgiving Day.

Stay warm. Peace.

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