Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sustainable Seafood

Local Food: Our neighbors along the Maine coast harvest some of the best and most sustainable wild mussels available, and we're lucky to have them just over the mountains. Steven steams open the shelled wonders in Shelburne Vineyards red wine, with smoky bacon from Winding Brook Farm and pungent garlic butter to create a rich and silky broth perfect for dipping a slice of toasted bread. Topped with Toll a Bell Farm sprouts for a splash of brightness, the mussels are a delicious as well as a responsible seafood option from our own region.

Music Notes: Expect great country rock tunes from Abby Jenne and the Enablers this Thursday at 7:30 with their pedal steel guitar, fiddle and drums. Don't miss what Seven Days
calls their "socially conscience, mischevious, acoustic folk rock."

Local Events: If you need another reason to attend the community lunch at the Hardwick United Church on Main Street, the seed swap will be held there this Thursday, February 4th from 12-1. Part one of this year's "Food Security Blanket" swaps, workshops, and events, for more information on the seed swap, contact Caitlin Strong at 472-8569.

Help support Haitian earthquake relief by attending a fundraiser Wednesday, February 10 from 5-9. There will be an exhibit of works by Haitian artists, a silent auction, and food for sale. At 7pm, Bob Belenky will present a slide show about his community projects in Haiti, followed by a live auction at 8. If you would like to donate an auction item, please bring it to the Buffalo Mountain Co-op. Volunteers are also needed, and should sign up at the Buffalo Mountain Co-op, or contact Beth Cate at 472-6969. For more information, please contact Emily Lanxner at 472-5913

Local Art: Remember to join us on Tuesday, February 9th for an artist reception with Elizabeth Nelson. Stop by to admire her work now, or look at her art online.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Wonders

Local Food: Who would think of frying wheatberries? Steven takes the nutty grain from Butterworks Farm, mixes it with leeks, mushrooms and Grafton cheddar cheese, then fries each dollop of the mixture to crispy perfection. Steven's meaty version is served with zesty sauerkraut from Flack Valley Farm, pulled pork and bacon sauce, so the smoky flavors blend tantalizingly with the earthy and crunchy wheatberries. The spicy and creamy mustard whipped cream is an added bonus that completes this winter dish. Vegetarians can always request a serving without meat designed just for them.

Music Notes: Katie Trautz joins us this Thursday, January 21st at 7:30 with her banjo, fiddle and guitar. Listen to a preview of Katie's old-time inspired originals, layered with harmonies and haunting melodies, online.

Around the Galaxy: Clean Food continues to garner great reviews, and Galaxy has plenty in stock. Besides being a cookbook, Clean Food is a guide to eating closer to the source and benefiting from the rich nutrition available in the freshest, in-season ingredients. Pick up a copy online or in person.

Local Art: Look for Elizabeth Nelson's Vermont landscape artwork this week. For more information on the Glover artist, visit her website. Please join us for an artist reception on Tuesday, February 9th from 4-6pm.

Local Events: Over 700 entrants are expected at the 29th Annual Craftsbury Ski Marathon and Tour this Saturday the 30th. The race begins at 9:00, while those interested in skiing at a more leisurely pace will begin at 9:30. The tourers will have the opportunity to visit food stations along the way, including ours where they will sample Steven's hearty squash and apple soup during the tour. Stop by the Craftsbury Outdoor Center to support your friends and neighbors.

The Jeudevine Library will show the recent Emeril Green episode featuring Hardwick area farms and businesses on Saturday, January 30th at 3:00. Call 472-5948 for more information.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Sprouts

Local Food: The joyful flavors of winter come in a variety of surprising packages, including salad. Steven draws out the nutty and spicy intensity of sprouts to balance the sweet and tart flavors of thinly sliced root vegetables, also providing a hint of that intense green color mostly absent from the season's landscape. Arugula, sunflower, mung bean, and red cabbage sprouts, with some pea shoots, all from Toll a Bell Farm in East Calais, blend with a rainbow of root vegetables, including radishes, orange and yellow carrots and red onion, all tossed with an herby cider vinaigrette.

Music Notes: We look forward to welcoming the popular Eames Brothers Band in their first appearance at Claire's on Thursday at 7:30. Listen to a preview of their mountain blues here.

Around the Galaxy: Just in, Michael Pollan's new book Food Rules: An Eater's Manual, a thoughtful guide to action for those who would are mindful of the food they eat. Visit The Galaxy Bookshop in person or online for more information.

Local Events:
In case you missed the viewing of the Emeril Green episode filmed in Hardwick, the Jeudevine Library will host another viewing on Saturday, January 30th at 3:00 at the library.

Menu for the Future: Join a six week (January 21 - February 25) reading and discussion at the Greensboro Public Library exploring food systems and their impacts on culture, society and our planet. Course book available on loan or for purchase ($21) at the library. Session 1 - "What's Eating America." Call 802-533-2531 for more information.

Claire's in your kitchen

The magazine Edible Green Mountain features Steven's account of working with celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, along with four of Steven's popular dishes from our menu. You can find the recipes on the magazine's website at the links below, including a version of the Baked Squash Steven prepared with Chef Lagasse on Emeril Green:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And We're Back!

Local Food: We reopen this Thursday, January 14th and invite you to join us for dinner from 5-9, with music beginning at 7:30. We are excited to start fresh, welcome you back for what you've been missing - Steven's creations right out of the kitchen.

Local Events: If you could not catch the Emeril Green episode about Hardwick last week, the Center for an Agricultural Economy on Main Street will replay it on a big screen at 6:30 on Thursday. The event is co-sponsored by the Jeudevine Library. Come by and see us for a bite, a pint, and the music after. For more information on the show, visit here.

Highfields Center for Composting will host the First Annual Compost Cabaret on Saturday, January 16th from 7-10 at Cabot Town Hall. The event kicks off Highfields' community supported compost share program. Click here for more information about the celebration.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter Break

We close for our Winter Break on Monday, January 4, and reopen for Music Night the following Thursday, January 14, refreshed and eager to start the new year. In the meantime, don't forget to watch the Emeril Green episode featuring Hardwick agriculture on the Planet Green network, premiering Monday, January 4, at 8:00pm.