Thursday, June 28, 2007

One Fine Day

Plans Come Together

Summer brings such a bounty of food related trophies - in our gardens, at the markets, and on the farms. Well, we've been working diligently while you’ve waited patiently for news about a restaurant in Hardwick. Soon, we’ll be ready to formally launch our plans for Claire’s, and give you a much more intimate picture, with an opening scheduled for 2008, menus, and a business outline.

In the meantime, we didn’t want your patience to go unrewarded. In brief, you certainly have noticed all the work at the Bemis Block. If you’ve had a chance to peak inside the two center bays, you might have detected the subtle modifications that are being made to the space so that they will be suitable for a restaurant with an open kitchen and a separate bar. From the plans prepared by local architect Patrick Kane, you can see that the two spaces will be joined by a large archway at the front of the building (just behind the large windows and to the right of the brick chimney visible in the photograph) so that diners will be able to sit at tables along the windows and into the space along one side. From there, they can also watch our chef prepare a rich selection of dishes from our local produce. In the adjoining bay, nestled in the back, will be a full bar.

We all hope this peek inside Claire’s will give you a taste for more…. And we will be getting out the word as our work progresses over the next few months.