Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Claire's and Hardwick Happenings

From Kristina:

Greetings all and welcome to all the new folks on this list!

First I want to thank all of you who are telling your friends about Claire's and sending them to us. We are meeting the most wonderful people. It is such a treat.

I also had the privilege of eating at Claire's on Saturday night. My family and some friends came up to celebrate my and my sister's birthdays. And we had a blast. The food of course was amazing, the service fabulous and Don's Margaritas just can't be beat. It was a great experience.

Book News: Tonight at 7 PM Rowan Jacobsen will be reading from his new book "Fruitless Fall: The Collapse of the Honeybee and the Coming Agricultural Crisis" at the Galaxy Bookshop in Hardwick. You can read more about this event and others at http://www.galaxybookshop.com/.

Debate News: We will be showing the presidential debate tonight at the bar. Come on down and watch the fireworks with us. It starts after dinner at 9 PM.

Music Notes: This Thursday the fabulous Bread and Bones will be playing at Claire's starting at 7:30. They are a rootsy acoustic folk trio. Award winning songwriter Richard Ruane fronts the band and they are really awesome. You can learn more about them at http://www.breadandbones.com/ and you can link from there to their myspace page to hear some tunes.

Cooking on Main Street: It's definitely pumpkin season at Claire's. Steven has a luscious pumpkin soup on the menu and a pumpkin creme brulee. So come warm up at Claire's and try our warm soup and enjoy our local bounty!

Tomorrow I'm off to Burlington to get my oil changed and my snow tires put on! Woo hoo! Winter preparations continue.

Don't forget, you can also check in with us at our new website - http://www.clairesvt.com/ and our blog www.newvermontcooking.blogspot.com for the latest and greatest news about what's happening in our little hills.

See you all soon.



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