Monday, October 29, 2012


Local Food: Torn between dessert or coffee?  Why not have both in an affogato? A traditional Italian dessert, affogato, or "drowned" in Italian, is ice cream drowned in espresso.  Possibilities are endless in this classic dish.  Steven scoops rich chocolate ice cream from Strafford Organic Creamery in a chilled glass, and tops it with a shot of bold Fair-trade espresso (caffeinated or decaf) from Vermont Coffee Company.  The final touch to this grown-up milkshake is delectable whipped Butterworks Farm cream, with just a touch of sweetness. This dessert is the perfect way to enjoy ice cream this fall without getting a chill!

Fair Trade Month is almost over! Until November, we'll buy you a free cappuccino (regular or decaf), made with espresso from Vermont Coffee Company, when you order dessert with your dinner or Blunch - just tell your server you'd like to support Authentic Fair Trade!

At the Bar: Celebrate your victory or drown your sorrows with us on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th.  We'll have drink specials that parody the campaign, featuring a Cayman Island Account with rum, ginger beer and Domaine de Canton, and a Job Creator, with Citizen Cider Unified Press, Elderflower Rum and Elderberry Cordial, for $6 each.

Remember our Sunday and Monday drink specials. Sunday, November 4th we offer a $2.50 pint of Rock Art Midnight Madness, a $4 glass of Boyden Valley Seyval Blanc or Big Barn Red. The Apple Dunc, with Dunc's Mill Elderflower Rum, Caledonia Spirits Elderberry Cordial and Citizen Cider Unified Press, is offered for $5.  Monday enjoy a pint of Switchback with Grilled Cheese for $8.50.

Around the Galaxy: On Election Night, exercise democracy at The Galaxy Bookshop with Greg Pahl, energy expert and author of Power From the People: How to Organize, Finance, and Launch Local Energy Projects. Using examples from around the nation and the world, Pahl explores how power is being moved into the hands of communities through distributed energy programs and energy-efficiency measures. The book is available now at Galaxy, so take a look and come with your ideas and questions on Tuesday, November 6th at 7PM.

Music Notes: Big Hat, No Cattle, Vermont's newest old time western swing trio join us this Thursday, November 1 at 7:00. Support local music and don't miss their honky tonk tunes!

Local Events: Once again the ghosts and goblins will come out of the pages of the books in the library to haunt and trick and treat all those who dare to enter the library walls!  There will be a game to play for an extra treat!  The Halloween Reading Raffle winners will be pulled at 7pm.  Six winners will be chosen to win gift certificates to The Galaxy Bookshop.  For more information, call the Jeudevine Library at 472-5948.

There is still time to support Highfields Center for Composting's campaign to fund their compost heat recovery research system! The project will only be funded if the $40,000 goal is reached by November 18th, so donate now!

Reminders: We are now closed on Wednesdays.

We are open daily after 2:30 for coffee, bar service, and baked goods, and free WiFi, with dinner reservations available from 5-9, Sundays from 5-8. We serve our special Blunch menu Sundays from 11-2. We appreciate it when you use cash or a check - credit card companies charge us a fee that really adds up. Thanks to many of you we have been able to significantly reduce those fees.

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