Monday, February 20, 2012

Head over Heels

Local Food: Drawing out the best aspects from all cuts of meat, Steven introduces a delicious and unctuous head cheese to the menu.  Using whole pig head and ears from Gopher Broke Farm and the trotters from Sugar Mountain Farm, Steven braises the meat in Sparkling Mead from Caledonia Spirits to intensify the tender, tasty bits.  The remaining broth, when cooled, transforms into jelly.  The jelly and meat is pressed together to form a kind of cold cut, which Steven then batters in breadcrumbs and fries to a crisp.  Served with a spicy mustard dipping sauce of brown mustard seed, Hill Farmstead Everett Porter and pickled rhubarb, the rich and flavorful head cheese is a tasty and unique way to start your meal.

At the Bar: Remember our Sunday and Monday drink specials. Sunday, February 26th we offer a $2.50 pint of Rock Art, a $4 glass of Boyden Valley Riverbend Red or Seyval Blanc.  Try Claire's Cranberry Cocktail, with Whiskey and Vermont Cranberry Company juice, offered for $5.

Around the Galaxy: Event season kicks off on March 6th with Howard Frank Mosher and the World Premier of The Great Northern Express. Plan to meet your friends at Claire's for dinner and a rollicking evening with Howard Frank Mosher.

Music Notes: Hardwick's own The Butterbeans join us Thursday, February 23 at 7:00.  Support local music and come down for a foot stompin' good time!

Local Events: New England's Indie/West-African Psychadelic Funk darlings Barika will perform at the Haybarn Theater at Goddard College on Friday, February 25th at 8:00.  Check out their mesmerizing blend of highly danceable polyrhythmic grooves mixed with ethereal dub-scape.  Percussionist Jane Boxall opens. Tickets are available at The Galaxy Bookshop.

Reminders: We are open daily after 2:30 for coffee, bar service, and baked goods, and free WiFi, with dinner reservations available from 5-9, Sundays from 5-8. We serve our special Blunch menu Sundays from 11-2. Claire's is closed every Wednesday.
We appreciate it when you use cash or a check - credit card companies charge us a fee that really adds up. Thanks to many of you we have been able to significantly reduced those fees.
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