Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweet Charentais

Local Libations: Charentais melons are true cantaloupes, different from the more common muskmelon. The Charentais come from Pete, and are sweeter and smaller. Our melons make their way to the bar this week, where they are puréed and added to silky smooth and crisp Green Mountain Organic Vodka. We add frozen strawberries from Hazendale Farm for another dimension of sweetness and a punch of bright red color. A splash of St. Germain elderflower liqueur and egg whites from Windhorse Farm are the final touch and add a light and fluffy consistency to the cocktail. Served up in an ice cold glass, this sweet and delicate cocktail is the perfect way to send off summer.

At the Bar: Stop by for our Sunday and Monday drink specials. This Sunday, September 11 we offer a $2.50 pint of Wolaver's IPA, a $5 glass of Shelburne Riesling or award winning Marquette. The Sazerac, a quintessential New Orleans cocktail from the 1800s made with whiskey and absinthe, is $5.

Around the Galaxy: On Saturday, September 10th at 3PM Galaxy offers a writing workshop. Midge Raymond and Wendy Call present "Global Perspectives, Local Stories." Raymond is the author of a short story collection, Forgetting English and Call is the author of No Words for Welcome: The Mexican Village Faces the Global Economy. The workshop is free at Galaxy from 3-5 on Saturday.

Music Notes: Lewis Franco and Dono Schnaber join us Thursday, September 8 at 7:30. Robert Resnik of Vermont Public Radio calls Franco "a brilliant songwriter- one of our very finest." Franco has been a fixture on the Vermont acoustic music scene for many years, entertaining audiences of all ages with clever and occasionally profound lyrics, delightfully tuneful melodies and a fun-loving presence.

Local Events: Highfields Center for Composting is holding an On-Farm Composting 101 Workshop on Wednesday, September 14. This workshop is designed for farmers, their employees and professional agricultural service providers interested in implementing composting practices at their farms or the farms they advise. Registration begins at 8:30, and the workshop goes from 9:00 to 3:30. For more information, contact Tyler at 472-5238 ext. 202 or

After the Flood: The Vermont Farm Fund is accepting donations to help farmers affected by the flood. Please donate if you can. Stop by Claire's with your donations for our friends at Riverside Farm in East Hardwick, who lost $25,000- $35,000 worth of produce, including carrots, radishes and beets.

For photos of Hardwick during the flood, click here.

Reminders: We appreciate it when you use cash or a check - credit card companies charge us a fee that really adds up.

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