Thursday, July 21, 2011

Earn Your Degree at Cocktail Class

Cocktail Class is back, with special guest Duncan Holaday, our renowned local distiller who has just embarked on a new adventure with Dunc's Mills Maple and Elderflower rums. Duncan is founder of the oldest existing distillery in Vermont, where Vermont Gold Vodka was born and Vermont Spirits once housed. He distills his rum in the traditional way, from cane sugar, and adds Vermont maple and elderflower to this unique barrel aged local spirit. On Saturday, July 23 from 4-5 pm, learn from a master what cocktails bring out the complex flavor of each variety, and how to mix rum with the flavorful produce of Vermont. Free Admission and specials on cocktails and flights if you are so inspired.

Attend four classes to earn your degree - a gift card at Claire's or The Galaxy Bookshop.

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