Monday, April 25, 2011

Seeing Green

Local Food: With spring promising rebirth, Pete just delivered the first greens of the season and the first since the fire destroyed the farm's storage facilities a few months ago. With farmers around Hardwick harvesting the first taste of the season, we have greens - in various shades and with hints of color beyond green - sprouting across the menu. Ruby streaked mustard greens add a bite of pepper to the crab cake, while the spicy curly variety of mustard greens provides a familiar heat to the wheatberry risotto. Steven introduces succulent and fluffy Claytonia, from Brian Titus at Woods Edge Farm in Greensboro, to the sprout salad to balance the textures. Also from Pete's Greens is basil- look for it in Steven's famous pesto and in cocktails at the bar.

Music Notes: Burlington based songwriter Phil Yates and his band, Phil Yates & The Affiliates, join us Thursday at 7:30. Support local music and don't miss the "clever songsmith with an indelibly off-kilter sense of humor."

Local Events: April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Consider making a donation to the Hardwick Area Community Coalition to support local prevention efforts.

School Budget voting for Hazen Union is Thursday, April 28 in Hardwick, Greensboro and Woodbury.

Reminders: We are open daily after 2:30 for coffee, bar service, and baked goods, and free WiFi, with dinner reservations available from 5-9, Sundays from 5-8. We serve our special Blunch menu Sundays from 11-2. Claire's is closed every Wednesday. We appreciate it when you use cash or a check- credit card companies charge us a fee that really adds up.

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