Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beer Battered Veggies

Local Food: Vegetables, coated in beer batter made with Switchback Ale, and lightly fried. Steven's winter twist features root vegetables - onions, rutabagas, parsnips, and carrots. You'll also find sunchokes, the uniquely nutty and slightly sweet tuber with a texture similar to that of water chestnuts. Dip each crispy morsel in our garlicky aioli, and this appetizer is great as a bar snack to complement a pint or cocktail while watching the Olympics, or as the introduction to a delicious dinner.

Around the Galaxy: Pre-order Howard Frank Mosher's new novel before the world premier event at Galaxy and be entered in a drawing to enjoy dinner with Howard at Claire's. On March 16th, Galaxy hosts another world premier, for Ben Hewitt's book about the Hardwick area, The Town That Food Saved. Pre-order the book before the event and Galaxy will give $5 to the Hardwick Area Food Pantry. Stop in The Galaxy Bookshop for details or read more here.

Music Notes: Cosa Buena is back this Thursday at 7:30. Come for dinner, stay for the Latin inspired jazz tunes.

Local Events: The Great Ishkabibble Ski Tour at Highland Lodge is this Saturday, February 20. The self guided tour of the Great Circle Trail begins at 9:30. Call 533-2647 to sign up.

Hours: We're open from 2:30 - 5:00 for baked goods, coffee and bar service. Join a friend, search the web with our free wifi, stop in for a break, read or host a meeting. Double the fun on Sundays and Mondays when we feature pint, wine, and cocktails specials, as well as the Monday grilled cheese, fries and Switchback for $7 after 5:00.


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