Monday, August 24, 2009

Happening at Claire's and around Hardwick

Local Food: Translating the bounty and flavors of hot and dry Provence to the damp summers of Vermont, Steven emphasizes the clean, rich earthiness and fragrant herbs of a traditional ratatouille (from touiller, a food term meaning "to toss"). Northeast Kingdom garlic, basil, tomatoes and eggplant combine in a French-style vegetable stew from Nice. It's one amazing celebration of August on a plate, which Steven serves alongside herb roasted chicken.

Around the Galaxy: Cheese expert Liz Thorpe will discuss her brand new book, The Cheese Chronicles, Tuesday at 7 pm at The Galaxy Bookshop, followed by a guided cheese tasting. The Cheese Chronicles offers an insider's look at the world of American cheese from the second in command at New York's renowned Murray's Cheese, drawing from notes and converstaions around hundreds of cheese tastings over nearly a decade. For more information, visit The Galaxy Bookshop.

Music Thursday: Local farmer/singer/songwriter Alan Greenleaf teams up with his piano playing sidekick Jonathan Kaplan, also known as the Doctor. For a sample, just click over to

Local Food 2: The Center for an Agricultural Economy kicks off its first Open House and film night this Thursday from 3-6:30 pm at their South Main Street office. The Center's president, Tom Stearns, hosts a showing of the film Red Wagon, about hunger in Vermont. The series will continue with films and discussion the last Thursday of the month through the fall.

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