Monday, May 11, 2009

Happening at Claire's and around Hardwick

Remember When? It was almost a year ago. We opened the doors at Claire’s and invited everyone to pay us a visit just before the Spring Festival parade, offering our first dinner service that same night. In less than two weeks we’ll be celebrating our first anniversary, so come by the morning of Saturday May 23 to say “hi,” enjoy a cup of coffee and stay to watch the parade. Later, follow the parade down to Atkins Field for the Sustainability Fair. And don’t forget that the Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio Weekend is also May 23 & 24, with many artists participating in and around Hardwick. For more information, maps and a list or participants, visit

Then come back for dinner at Claire’s, just named a Yankee Magazine Best of New England Editor’s Choice as Best Community Concept.

Music Notes: Thursday at 7:30, Singer songwriter Jay Ekis is back to play his world-influenced rock. Jay released his latest CD, "Touched by War," late last year – a compilation of songs exploring human conflict that range from dark and melodic to optimistic. You can learn a bit more about Jay and listen to his music at

Afternoon Break: Starting at 2:30 pm, come by for a cup of coffee, a beer, or glass of wine, and catch up with friends, or take note of the day’s event via our free Wifi or the daily papers. Enjoy an intensely chocolate treat or the bright flavors of one of Steven’s famous sweets in a jar.

Don’t forget our Poutine ‘n’ Tini Mondays, with pint, wine, and cocktail specials.

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