Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Menu at Claire's

Steven plans his menu after talking with local farmers, looking for ingredients at their peak… nourished on the soil and water of Vermont. From there, he begins a journey that might take him down the road to a cheese maker or baker. He considers how the weather has flavored this season's produce, what local herbs or spices from far away might best bring out that uniqueness, and which cooking technique are most suitable.

Steven is always looking for those classics – something familiar or comfortable, maybe something with a twist – that will bring back the best days we've enjoyed with friends and family around the table. It is, as he explains, "What farmers enjoy growing, people enjoy eating, and I enjoy cooking."

Our menu changes almost every day. Sometimes just a bite as new produce is available, but often more surprisingly. Here are a few items from the first two weeks at Claire's....

To Start or In the Bowl:

Cream of sunchoke and carmelized onion soup

Maine Crab Cake, spinach salad, lemon and sorrel cream

Shitake and Oyster mushroom tartine with Constant Bliss

Fusilli pasta with ramps, goat cheese, and mint pesto


Chef's daily Warm Greens, Grains, Seeds, and Sprouts

Chicken Molé and quinoa, cabbage salad

Pan Roasted Chicken with Asian salad

Pork Loin roasted with rhubarb and maple

Halibut over a ragout of fiddleheads, spinach, asparagus, and tomato

Salmon and Panzanella salad with turnips

Grilled Snug Valley Sirloin with Isabella's Chimichurri, herbed butter, or Blue Cheese

To Finish:

Chocolate peanut butter fluff

Ginger Bread with ice cream

Rhubarb pecan crumble with ice cream

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Anonymous said...

Yum! Those sound great. Love the use of fiddleheads and ramps.